Current and Planned Projects

More information on the current projects in German language can be found here: Forschung und Projekte.


Responsible: Martin Arnold
The research on the mechanisms of successful active nonviolence or Satyagraha for which Martin Arnold coined a special German term (“Gütekraft”) has led to three publications (in German) by different researchers so far. In late 2010 or in 2011 a major research by Martin Arnold comparing the work of Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Bart de Ligt will be published. (You can find information about the project at


Training and Education in Nonviolence
Responsible: Achim Schmitz
Achim Schmitz who has written his doctoral thesis on training in nonviolence conducts trainings and evaluations on request. He is also part of a process of action research – evaluation with the developmental association „Act for Transformation“ which deals with education for nonviolence in schools.
He has started in 2009 together with an external aolleague a three-year evaluation of a project that deals with intercultural and social competencies in schools and vocational training. The partner of the IFGK here is the organisation ‚Act for Transformation’.
With the same organisation he has ahelped to put together educational materials on conflict transformation, peace and development for schools and adult education (a „peace box“). That project has been funded by InWEnt with money of the Ministry of Development.


Citizen Peacemaking: Civil Society Preventing and Stopping Wars
Responsible: Christine Schweitzer
This new research project which is currently prepared will analyze the question of civil society preventing or stopping wars their own country is involved in. The question to be studied is: Under which circumstances are citizens willing and able to prevent or stop armed conflicts / wars in their own country, or which their government is waging elsewhere? The results of the project will be published in a book. 


Working Paper: "Exploring needs Based Approaches and Concepts of Peace in Conflict Transformation: Challenges of post-conflict state building and short comings of rights based approaches"
responsible: Anne Dietrich


Planned Projects

• Scenario-Workshop on „Peace Plan for Afghanistan“ (Roland Vogt)

• Evaluation of peace education in Rheinland-Pfalz (Achim Schmitz / Roland Vogt)

- Seeds of Peace (Christine Schweitzer)