Finished Projects (in chronological order)

More information on the finished projects in German language can be found here: Abgeschlossene Projekte.

  • Study on the social movement against a new railway station in Stuttgart („Stuttgart 21“) (Achim Schmitz, 2012)
  • Dissertation: Strategies of Intervention in Protracted Violent Conflicts by Civil Society Actors. The Example of Interventions in the Violent Conflicts in the Area of Former Yugoslavia, 1990 – 2002 (Christine Schweitzer, 2009)
  • Dissertation: To Train Nonviolence – the Relevance of a Practice Field of Political Education in Germany for Peace Politics and Peace Education (Achim Schmitz, 2008)
  • Study: Complex Interventions into the conficts of former Yugoslavia (Christine Schweitzer, supported by German Foundation Peace Research, 2005)
  • Study: Balkan Peace Team (Barbara Müller with Christian Büttner, 2004)
  • Study: Peace Constituencies (Barbara Müller, 2002)
  • Study: Feasibility Study for Nonviolent Peaceforce (Christine Schweitzer, 2001)

In addition, there have been a number of evaluations and other studies conducted on behalf of other organizations.