Current and Planned Projects

More information on the current projects in German language can be found here: Forschung und Projekte.


"Where do you want to go, Germany?" A perspective exploration

In the political discourse increasingly devaluing and exclusionary attitudes are taken. Polarizations in "We" and "The Others" are spreading and deepening. Discussions about what happens in society end in emotional failures or are no longer conducted.

The project, carried out by Dr. med. Barbara Müller, wants to investigate: Which lines of conflict are increasingly burdening the coexistence of people in Germany - What are the trenches? In which direction is this country developing? How to understand what is happening here?

For the implementation of the project, we are looking for donors and donors who support it! Click here for the project description in German language.



Responsible: Martin Arnold
The research on the mechanisms of successful active nonviolence or Satyagraha for which Martin Arnold coined a special German term (“Gütekraft”) has led to three publications (in German) by different researchers so far. In late 2010 or in 2011 a major research by Martin Arnold comparing the work of Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Bart de Ligt will be published. (You can find information about the project at


Needs-based Approaches

Working Paper: "Exploring needs Based Approaches and Concepts of Peace in Conflict Transformation: Challenges of post-conflict state building and short comings of rights based approaches"
responsible: Anne Dietrich