Publications in English Language

The IFGK publishes both books and Working Papers.

The books can be ordered at the Federation for Social Defence: Bund für Soziale Verteidigung, Schwarzer Weg 8, D-32423 Minden, info(at); the Working Papers directly at the IFGK.
The Working Papers can also be downloaded for free from this page.
Here are listed only the publications in English language.
To see the full list of all publications of the IFGK, go to: Publikationen

Working Papers
No 23: Christine Schweitzer (ed): Civilian Peacekeeping – A Barely Tapped Ressource. January 2010, (80 pages, 7,50 € + portage)

No 6: Barbara Müller and Christian Büttner: Optimizing Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding through Nonviolent Intervention? A methodological and systematic operationalisation. (Translation: Robin Kendon). January 1998. (67 pages; 5 € + portage)

Books and Other Publications

Ellen Furnari (ed), Wielding Nonviolence in the Midst of Violence: Case Studies of Good Practices in Unarmed Civilian Protection, BoD Norderstedt, ISBN 978-3-8370-9651-4, 332 S

Schweitzer, Christine and Johansen, Jörgen (2016) To Prevent and Stop Wars, Irene Publishing

Müller, Barbara (2004) The Balkan Peace Team 1994-2001. Nonviolent Intervention in Crisis Areas with the Deployment of Volunteer Teams. Stuttgart: ibidem Verlag

Schweitzer, Christine (2009) Strategies of Intervention in Protracted Violent Conflicts by Civil Society Actors. The Example of Interventions in the Violent Conflicts in the Area of Former Yugoslavia, 1990 – 2002 (Dissertation). Download here (1,7 MB).